Creo Parametric 6.0 for Novices (Learn By Doing)

Creo Parametric 6.0 for Novices (Learn By Doing)

Creo Parametric 6.0 for Novices (Learn By Doing)

ISBN: 978-1-64057-074-0
Page Count: 268

Creo Parametric 6.0 for Novices (Learn By Doing) book is written to help the readers effectively use the modeling and assembly tools by utilizing the parametric approach of Creo Parametric 6.0 effectively. This Creo book describes the tools that are commonly used in modeling, assembly, and sheetmetal. This book also covers the latest surfacing techniques with the help of relevant examples and illustrations. The Creo Parametric 6.0 for Novices (Learn By Doing) book further explains the procedure of generating the drawings of a model or assembly, which are used for documentation of a model or assembly.

The tutorials used in this book will help you gain knowledge and relate them to the actual mechanical industry designs. This approach allows the user to use this book initially as a learning tool and then as a reference material.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: Introduction to Creo Parametric 6.0
  • Chapter 2: Creating Sketches in the Sketch Mode-I
  • Chapter 3: Creating Sketches in the Sketch Mode-II
  • Chapter 4: Creating Base Features
  • Chapter 5: Datums
  • Chapter 6: Options Aiding Construction of Parts-I
  • Chapter 7: Options Aiding Construction of Parts-II
  • Chapter 8: Options Aiding Construction of Parts-III
  • Chapter 9: Advanced Modeling Tools
  • Chapter 10: Assembly Modeling
  • Chapter 11: Generating, Editing, and Modifying the Drawing Views
  • Chapter 12: Dimensioning the Drawing Views
  • Chapter 13: Other Drawing Options
  • Chapter 14: Working with Sheetmetal Components

Salient Features

  • Chapters are organized in a pedagogical sequence
  • Coverage of Creo Parametric 6.0 concepts and techniques.
  • Tutorial approach to explain the concepts of Creo Parametric 6.0
  • Detailed explanation of commands and tools
  • The topics covered in the chapter are briefly mentioned on the first page of the chapter
  • Many illustrations for easy understanding of concepts
  • Step-by-step instructions to guide the users through the learning process
  • More than 20 real-world mechanical engineering designs as tutorials
  • The concepts in the textbook are supported with notes and tips wherever require
  • Every chapter in the textbook ends with exercises for self-assessment and practice
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